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June 2010

Cell Phone Use Behind the Wheel

The dangers of calling and texting
while driving
When was the last time you talked on your cell phone or texted while driving? If you are like most drivers on the road today, this is a regular occurrence. But there is mounting evidence supporting the dangerous link between cell phone use behind the wheel and motor vehicle accidents.

Health Care Reform: Regulations Issued on Grandfathered Plans

The health care reform law passed earlier this year brings many changes to employers and health plans. The extent of the impact will depend, in part, on whether you maintained a health care plan on March 23, 2010, the date the primary legislation was enacted. If your company sponsored a plan on that date, it is considered a “grandfathered” plan.

Health Care Reform: Prohibition on Canceling Coverage

Know your Employee BenefitsThe recently passed Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) prohibits group health plans and health insurance issuers who offer group or individual coverage from canceling, or rescinding, coverage of an enrolled individual once the enrollee is covered except in cases of intentional misrepresentation or fraud.

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