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March 2011

Increasing Health Care Costs and Your Employee Health Plan

Health care costs, and consequently employee health benefits costs, have been increasing at an alarming rate for nearly a decade. Though cost increases had seemed to be leveling out based on 2009 data, cost increases actually jumped in 2010 and are expected to rise further in 2011.

In Health Law, Rx for Trouble


Sandy Chung is grappling with a new kind of request at her pediatrics office in Fairfax, Va.: prescriptions for aspirin and diaper-rash cream.

Patients are demanding doctors’ orders for over-the-counter products because of a provision in the health-care overhaul that slipped past nearly everyone’s radar.

Newsletter – March 2011

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On Feb. 10, 2011, the IRS announced that breast pumps and lactation supplies will now be eligible medical expenses for reimbursement from HSAs, FSAs and HRAs. They will not need a prescription or note from a doctor in order to qualify as reimbursable.

Live Well, Work Well – March 2011

Healthy Colors
The 2011 National Nutrition Month® theme is “Eat Right with Color,” which means making sure your plate has a variety of color and nutrients at each meal. The American Dietetic Association offers a color guide:

Red fruits and vegetables are heart-healthy, help immunity and may reduce cancer risks.

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