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March 2012

Health Care Reform and the Supreme Court

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Department of Insurance-Arizona-Community Meetings

Notice of Community Meetings and Agenda
Arizona Department of Insurance

(ADOI) Rate Review Grant Program
Disclosure of rates
Online access and opportunity to comment
Improve transparency

What do you want to know about health insurance rate increases? What is the Rate Detective? What is the Individual Rate Review Rule? Do you want to know how to find a rate increase on-line? F

Health & Wellness-Burning Calories

Health & Wellness-Burning Calories
Fighting fat but can’t keep track of the calories you burn?
Use this chart to determine how much you burn when doing common activities and then compare it to how many calories you take in. To keep weight off, you must burn more calories than the amount you take in.

Calories Burned

Walking leisurely (2 mph) for 30 min.

Appreciation Corner-Reflections with Gary

Appreciation Corner-Reflections with Gary
” Because of Benefit Logic’s assistance, we have been able to offer reasonably priced health care to all of our employees.

Nutrition-Grocery Stores Best Buys






Nutrition-Grocery Store Best Buys

These tips help you choose nutritious foods on a limited budget:

Bread and grains:

Look for bargains on day-old bread and bakery products.
Buy regular rice, oatmeal and grits instead of the instant and flavored varieties.
Try whole-grain bread and brown rice to add nutrients and variety to meals.

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