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January 2013

Thankful Thursday-What Are You Thankful For?

Talking Tuesday-Perfect Moments

Motivational Monday-Sunshine and Love

Wellness Wednesday-Being Happy

Being Happy Makes You Healthy Too!

Living your life happily, resiliently, and optimistically is wonderful, but it’s also essential to your health.

Being a happy person actually protects you from stress linked to such top killers as heart attacks and strokes, and thus helps you live longer and better.

Income, social status, skin color, or health have nothing to do with real happiness.

Motivational Monday-Predict Your Future

Fitness Friday-Family Winter Outdoor Fun

Don’t Hibernate! Some Ideas for Family Winter Outdoor Fun (ARA) –
This  winter season don’t let your family hibernate inside. Why not put all that  fresh snow to good use? Bundle everyone up and participate in some fun activities  the whole family will enjoy.
There  are all kinds of ways for kids and parents to enjoy the outdoors together in the  winter.

Testimonial Thursday-Our Friends at FALA

Thank you Flagstaff Arts & Leadership Academy for the kind words!!

“Benefit Logic has done an outstanding job of helping our employees to fully understand
all of their benefits and assisting them with questions or problems. I know
that throughout our benefits renewal process, their staff researches and
presents the very best value for both our school and also all of our employees.

Wellness Wednesday-Your Health Manifasto

Do you have a Health Manifasto? If not, the American Heart Association can help with their “Simple 7!”

1. Get active

2. Control cholesterol

3. Eat better

4. Manage blood pressure

5. Lose weight

6. Reduce blood sugar


Motivational & Meatless Monday Combined!


Are you looking for creative ways to motivate yourself to do Meatless Monday’s and stretch your foodbudget at the same time? Start saving with this week’s Meatless Monday meal. Skipping meat once a week is an easy way to cut your grocery or restaurant bill while adding a boost of nutrients and delicious flavors to your routine.

Thankful Thursday-Are You Thankful and Happy?

New year, new topic for Thursdays.It seems that we are so hurried in our day to day living that we sometimes forget to be thankful for even the most simplest of things. The sun shining in your face, that you were able to get up out of bed and enjoy this day. Thankful for your family and friends. Joy, thankfulness, gratitude, whatever you want to call it.

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