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Fitness Friday-Spring into Fitness


Fitness Friday-Spring into Fitness

If your new year’s resolution is to get fit and healthy in 2013, then look towards spring for some of the best exercise ideas.

Testimonial Thursday-Northland Hospice

"Diana Watt-CEO of Northland Hospice"

Testimonial Thursday-Northland Hospice

“We at Northland Hospice are proud to have Benefit Logic be our provider for insurance. In these changing times, Ed Gussio and his staff go out of their way to educate us, inform us, and make us comfortable and confident in our insurance plan.

Talking Tuesday-Dealing with Spring Allergies

Dealing with Spring Allergies on Talking Tuesday

Spring is the time of year that we normally think of when it comes to seasonal allergies. As the trees start to bloom and the pollen gets airborne, allergy sufferers begin their annual ritual of sniffling and sneezing. Each year, 35 million Americans fall prey to seasonal allergic rhinitis, more commonly known as hay fever.

Motivational Monday-Talk About Your Joys

Talk About Your Joys on Motivational Monday!

Have you ever wondered what life would be like if all you focused on was your passions, joys, and happiness? Instead of talking about all of the devasting news, and how unhappy your life is….

Tasty Thursday-Healthy Spring Recipes

Healthy Spring Recipes and Menus

Spring is here—and fresh produce is one delicious benefit of this season of rebirth. These easy healthy recipes highlight fresh fruits and vegetables in season, such as asparagus, sweet peas,strawberries, artichokes, leeks and rhubarb. For produce at its peak, shop the farmers’ market or grow fruits and vegetables in your garden.

Wellness Wednesday-International Day of Happiness

Happiness Goes Global — How Will You Celebrate International Day of Happiness?

How many times a year do you get an excuse to celebrate happiness? Why not right now? The UN has declared March 20, 2013 to be the first International Day of Happiness.

Talking Tuesday-Springing into Action

Talking Tuesday-Springing into Action! Ten Health and Fitness Tips To Help You Get Ready for Spring!

During a long winter of cold temperatures and it getting dark so early, hibernating inside was all too easy. Evenings in front of the T.V.

Motivational Monday-Success & Mistakes

Motivational Monday-Success & Mistakes.

Fitness Friday-Spring Hiking

If you are planning your next big hiking trip, getting in good shape is  essential. You will need your health to carry you through the physical and  mental endurance required to trek various levels of terrain. The key to  preparing for a hiking trip is to build muscle, increase cardio output and lose  excess weight. Start off small, even if you are in good shape.

Tasty Thursday-St. Patrick’s Day Feast

Did you know…….The foods of Ireland have often been described as “bland,” primarily due to the prolific use of potatoes and cabbage. Potatoes came to Ireland by way of South America, and by 1688, they had become a staple of the Irish diet. The Irish refer to potatoes as “praties.”

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in true Irish style with “the freshest of food and oldest of drink.

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