New Disease-Obesity

Obesity in the News This Week
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Has anyone ever walked by your favorite guilty pleasure food joint and had the twinge of a craving? Or while watching your favorite show a commercial comes on.

Insurance and Sticker Shock

Insurers warn of overhaul-induced sticker shock

By Tom Murphy

Some Americans could see their insurance bills double next year as the health care overhaul law expands coverage to millions of people.

Quick Facts About HCR and Premiums

Given recent attention on the impact of health care reform on health care costs and premiums, we wanted to share the following facts brought to you by: AHIP Coverage

The impact the ACA will have on premiums will vary considerably depending on a where a person lives, what coverage they have today, and their age, gender, and health status.

ACA-Covered Preventive Services for Women


Health Care Reform for Women

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This page includes all of the preventive services that are covered for women under the Affordable Care Act. To learn more about a service, check out the links to our related Health Topics.

Motivational Monday-Life


Motivational Monday-Happy New Year!!!!

Increasing Health Care Costs and Your Employee Health Plan

Health care costs, and consequently employee health benefits costs, have been increasing at an alarming rate for nearly a decade. Though cost increases had seemed to be leveling out based on 2009 data, cost increases actually jumped in 2010 and are expected to rise further in 2011.

In Health Law, Rx for Trouble


Sandy Chung is grappling with a new kind of request at her pediatrics office in Fairfax, Va.: prescriptions for aspirin and diaper-rash cream.

Patients are demanding doctors’ orders for over-the-counter products because of a provision in the health-care overhaul that slipped past nearly everyone’s radar.

Online Health Insurance Rate Review Survey

The Arizona Department of Insurance (ADOI) wants to make health insurance rate information submitted by insurance companies more readily available to consumers, and to help the public better understand our procedures and authority to review health insurance rates.

Will Congress Repeal Health Care Reform?

On March 23, 2010, President Obama signed historic health care reform legislation – the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) – into law. Even before its enactment, controversy surrounded the health care reform law. The law continues to be at the center of partisan debate, especially with the recent changes in Washington.

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