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Did you know U.S. homeowners insurance will not cover your home in Mexico?

Mexico Insurance

Mexico Insurance

This policy is designed like a traditional U.S. homeowner’s insurance policy. It is in English, and if you take your homeowner’s policy and compare it to your current U.S. homeowner’s insurance policy, you will find it almost reads the same, and has similar sections. Our customers love this, because it simplifies an otherwise complicated and confusing purchase.

Because of its U.S. style coverage, coverage is typically broader than a traditional Mexico homeowner’s insurance policy. Most Mexico home insurance policies list what’s covered. If whatever happened is not on the list, you’re not covered. On top of this you will find a slew of exclusions. With this Mexico home insurance policy the cause of loss is covered if its not excluded. The difference is subtle, but important. Finally, there is no waiting to get your quote. You can quote and purchase your policy online in minutes.  Despite the better coverage and ease of getting their policy most of our customers find that our rates are extremely competitive.

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Did you know U.S. automobile insurance is not valid in Mexico?

If you plan on driving while you’re in Mexico, we strongly recommend purchasing a tourist liability auto insurance policy. No matter how brief your stay in Mexico, if you’re planning to drive, you don’t want to get caught without locally recognized auto coverage.

Our biggest concern is that our clients are taken care of in their moment of need, which is why we will only sell quality insurance from quality insurers. Each of our insurers is rated by an independent outside auditing firm, A.M. Best, who has evaluated and given each of our partners an A-Rating–meaning they have the financial ability to pay your claim.

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Did you know that “On the water” Boat Liability insurance is now required in Mexico?

Liability and legal coverage in Mexico has become significantly more important with recent law changes. Mexican boat liability is as important as Mexico Car insurance liability insurance, and in many cases is required at the marinas before you are able to launch the boat.

Our policy is limited to the required coverage of liability and legal coverage, and does not extend any hull coverage or coverage for passengers of the watercraft. That said, if you need coverage you can quickly and easily purchase coverage online in less than five minutes and print the policy required to enter the marina or operate in Mexican waters.

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